la gråce de Dieu La Saison

We want you to enjoy the food not only with your tongue, but also with all of your senses.
The air you feel when you step into the place, the view of the garden with its different expressions and scents as the seasons change, Touch the cutlery, and taste the dish served to you.
Such a series of "the act of spending time in a restaurant" is an instantaneous "Happiness", not only the momentary "Happiness", but also
and the various matters that surround the food, We hope that such a series of "acts of spending time in a restaurant" is not only a momentary "Happiness" but also a continuous "Well-being" that makes you think about the various matters surrounding the dish.

Faithful to the traditions of French cuisine,
The cuisine combines Japanese techniques and ingredients from Kyushu's rich natural environment,
The dishes are as simple as possible, bringing out the best of the ingredients.
The sauces are delicately accented with a touch of sophistication.

The vegetables, meat, and fish
that arrive daily are a bounty from the earth.
We must not forget this fact, and we must not waste them, and we must also feed on the thoughts of the people involved,
We hope to express the power and flavors of seasonal ingredients through our cuisine.

In addition to vegetables and meat produced through recycling-oriented agriculture, we do not specify the species of fish we purchase and refrain from using endangered species. We are also striving to reduce the amount of waste by using vegetable roots and peels as accents to enjoy their textures or as powders for sauces, etc., on the premise that they are used up as much as possible.

As part of our commitment to wellbeing, we help protect and promote socially and culturally important items. For our tableware, we use Arita-yaki porcelain, which is a part of Japanese culture, to express our worldview of recycling not only foodstuffs but also from a cultural perspective.


What we can do to help create a sustainable society.
We are fortunate to be a restaurant located in Hakozaki Shrine, a shrine with a long history.
A place that has been familiar to people since ancient times and where people gather.
We inherit the wishes of the people who have protected the shrine and the garden since ancient times,
We hope that you will experience the culture of the shrine through the accent of our cuisine.