Sugiyama Asuka
Wine researcher, sake taster, doctor of science


Wine researcher, sake taster, and Doctor of Science, who is also a certified sommelier. Organizer of "ASUKA L'école du Vin," a wine school for preparation courses for the sommelier certification examination. In addition to his wine and sake import/export business, he produces the wine bar and restaurant "GOBLIN" and "Cave de ASUKA" in Nishi-Azabu, and the restaurant "ENYAA Saké & Champagne" in Paris.


We feel that Chef Sakayama's nourishing cuisine, which makes the most of Kyushu's local ingredients and incorporates the best of the season, is often characterized by dishes that bring out the best of the ingredients. Therefore, for wine pairings, we select wines that are elegant and crisp in flavor, with a sense of transparency that accompanies the beautiful cuisine.

As the dishes incorporate and express the seasonality of the season, Just as the dishes incorporate and express a sense of seasonality, the wine can also create a sense of seasonality and story through the order in which it is served, the temperature at which it is served, and the way it is paired with the food.

We will not only complement the food, but also pay attention to the way the wine is served, sometimes introducing unexpected pairings that may surprise you.

We hope to provide a place to discover new flavors created by food and wine.
We try to offer wines that reflect the producer's passion without being bound by the region or grape variety.
We have chosen wineries that focus on terroir, use reduced or no pesticides and organic farming, and are conscious of the SDGs.

When I first visited La Saison, I was impressed by the restaurant's large windows, which allow diners to enjoy the dynamic scenery and food at the same time. The garden changes with the seasons, and we hope you will choose La Saison as a place to go with your friends or family each season, dressed up a bit.