History of La Saison

Hakozakigu Shrine is one of the three largest Hachimangu shrines in Japan and has long been a place of worship.
The "Shinen Hana Teien" or "Hakozakigu Shrine Flower Garden" is located inside the shrine.
The garden is also popular among visitors to Hakozaki Shrine,
La Saison, a French restaurant, is located in the garden, which is also popular among visitors to Hakozaki Shrine.

The "Shinen Hana Teien" is a garden with a long history and tradition,
.as far back as 1587 when Hideyoshi Toyotomi held the Hakozaki Grand Tea Ceremony.
The garden can be enjoyed throughout the seasons, with spring peonies and peonies in early spring,
hydrangeas in early summer, autumn leaves in fall, and winter peonies in winter.

The garden was opened in April 1987 to commemorate the opening of the Hakozakiyamae Station
on Subway Line 2 and other events, making it possible for everyone to experience the beauty of the seasons.

From the seating area of the French restaurant "La Saison" located at the far end of the garden,
you can enjoy an authentic Japanese garden with a combination of pine trees,
moss and stones imported from Kyoto, and a karesansui (dry landscape garden).

While enjoying the cuisine, you can also enjoy the garden, which changes
its appearance from season to season and from hour to hour.